PILLOW 30cm x 30cm
PILLOW 30cm x 30cm
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PILLOW 30cm x 30cm

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Add some sparkle to your home by getting a living art handmade embroidered pillow. Made from 100% cotton, these multicoloured pillows are just what you need to create a centerpiece for your interior decoration. 

Known as tenangos and Otomi textiles, these hand-sewn designs blend historic and modern arts. The forms and shapes embroidered into Otomi textiles have ancient roots and symbolize the harmony between humans and nature, containing symbols connected to ancient myths, stories and rituals. They were preserved in prehistoric cave paintings of the Mexican Plateau, giving each generation a template from which to base their designs on.

100% cotton

Handmade in Mexico

Caring instructions

Be gentle. Your new one-of-a-kind hand embroidered pillow needs a little extra care.

Hand wash only with warm water and soap.

We suggest ironing it while it’s still a bit humid.

Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

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