The world of KAN

It all started when we fell in love with the rich and authentic embroideries, called “tenangos”, handmade by Otomi indigenous people of Central Mexico. The genuineness and warmth of the people, their impeccable attention to detail and the artistry of the embroideries are our source of inspiration for creating KAN.

At KAN we are all about blending traditional embroidery techniques with contemporary design. We put a lot of thought into designing our clothes and sourcing high quality fabrics to make you feel your most comfortable. We work closely with more than one hundred talented Otomi artists who embroider our garments by hand, following an age-old tradition.


The Otomi indigenous people are believed to be the first inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico. Today, they are spread around various parts of the Central Plateau of Mexico. The Otomi people we've contracted for KAN live in the state of Hidalgo, predominantly in a village N-E of Mexico City, called Tenango de Doria. This place is the heart and origin of the embroidery style we employ.  

The tenangos on our designs go way back to the 1960’s when the indigenous people started commercialising them as a response to a severe economic crisis. Out of consideration for the Otomi community, whose beautiful craft inspired us to create KAN, we pay them fairly, with respect and alignment to the prices we charge our customers.


  1. We manufacture our clothes in Cuernavaca, Mexico, with materials we source from various suppliers around the country.
  2. After the garments are done, we send them to Mexico City, where a skilled artist draws the elements we desire on the specific item, using a washable pen; the fabric ends up looking like a subtle sketch.
  3. We carefully select the thread colors we use, depending on the collection. The fabric we embroider on also plays a decisive factor in whether we use silk or cotton threads.
  4. Then we hand-embroider the clothes using an embroidery technique traditionally known as “the rooster’s foot”.
  5. We gently hand wash the garment to make sure all sketching residue is released and your item is now ready to wear.

We are committed  to offering you an authentic, one-of-a-kind item, and at the same time give back to the community that has inspired us.

We hope you love it as much as we do,

Manu & Denisa