Meet the founder

 At KAN, we believe you find magic in unexpected places. Our story begins in Mexico City and lives on in Europe and beyond. Being exposed to Mexico’s gifted artists and artisans grounded our vision for KAN. Their fearless use of colour, blending fascinating patterns with motives from the natural world, inspired us to do what we’ve always dreamt of: to design unique ready-to-wear garments, made with love of culture, people and our world. 

Blessed with the unforgettable experience Mexico has given us, we then set to pursue a new chapter in our brand’s existence and relocated to Europe. Here we started experimenting with new designs and natural materials, sourcing our fabrics from sustainable local suppliers and becoming more socially and environmentally conscious than ever before.      

Our commitment
The time for change is NOW. We know that we are responsible for what we leave behind for both our planet and the generations to come. At KAN we are constantly educating ourselves, learning and improving our processes to minimise our social and environmental impact. We are proud of the progress we have made so far and keep pushing every day to become the most sustainable version of ourselves.

We take care of each other 

Since the beginning of KAN, we have worked closely with the amazing people who make our garments. Employing only fairly paid labour has always been of paramount importance to us. Our production partners are located in Europe, and we make sure they have safe working conditions and a healthy balance between their lives inside and outside the ateliers.

We embrace the environment

 Our materials are predominantly natural and, to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible, we source from and manufacture with verified suppliers in Europe. Our suppliers are committed to reduce their energy and water consumption at every stage of the production cycle. For our spring-summer collections, we predominantly use naturally coloured linen, known for its environmentally friendly features. For autumn-winters, we include organic wools, carefully harvested in consideration of the sheep’s wellbeing.

We reuse already existing 

Each garment is produced with love and thoughtfulness, so we carefully take into consideration that we leave no dead stock behind. We are dedicated to reuse, recycle, reinvent and reimagine. As an example, during spring-summer season, we cropped hand-embroideries from unsold inventory and sewed them onto cotton t-shirts, as part of a very unique capsule collection. All waste papers and plastics from manufacturing are recycled. 

It is only the beginning of our sustainability journey 

We are aware of our social and environmental responsibility and keep educating and challenging ourselves to set the bar higher with each collection we create. At all times we want to be honest with our customers, partners and ourselves. Above all, through our garments and through our endeavours, we want to empower you in your own journey to become the most conscious version of yourself.


Spring/ Summer 2022 collection

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rise to the gentle touch of summer’s balmy sun. Calmly listen to the flower fields swaying in the soft, warm breeze. Connect with nature and your innocent child, recreating the joy of life, through play.

We suggestively named Spring-Summer 2022 collection – Play. The cheer of playtime is essential to us as human beings. Our collection is an invitation to immerse into the wondrous journey of pure child-like fun. 

As we got you accustomed by now, we continue on our journey to design unique and sustainable chic garments made from the best organic fabrics that Europe has to offer.  

Enter a universe of enveloping designs of sweet pastels and playful prints of strawberries and creamy white flowers. Discover inspiring shirts and dresses with romantic ruffled sleeves. Find jumpsuits with accentuated waist lines and ultra-stylish designs with dreamy bows. 

Our garments are ethically made in Europe from natural fabrics, Oeko-Tex certified linens and cottons. Our finest linen comes from a renowned family-owned business in Ireland, dating from 220 years ago. The adorable strawberries-adorned prints are of English origins, sourced from an illustrious house of textile producers.  

Our chic designs and the unforgettable touch of organic fabrics are your perfect enhancements for balmy spring and summer days. Wear Play by KAN and be carried away by the essence of sustainable chic.



Yours truly, 

Manuela van Vloten-Sabarez

Founder and Designer