The world of KAN

We simply exist to enhance you  

The woman who wears KAN is playful, fearless and adores vivid colors. She’s free-spirited and follows her intuition… most of the time. She is sociable, loves spending time with her friends and is usually the one who laughs the loudest. She is hard-working, honest and optimistic. And she loves to travel, to discover new places and cultures.   

She’s got your skin tone, your age and smile. She’s empathetic and she doesn’t judge. She just loves. If your heart shines as bright as hers, you’re her friend… forever.   

KAN was founded in 2017 by fashion duo Manuela van Vloten-Sabarez and Denisa Cucu, having ‘the woman who wears KAN’ as the main source of inspiration. After they completed their studies in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Florence, Italy, and combined years of experience in the worlds of fashion and business, Manuela and Denisa set off to create KAN. The brand is their dream come true, feeding their lifelong love for fashion, their creative vision and quest to make women happy. 

Since then, KAN has become an international name and is being sold at retailers in Europe, Mexico, West and East coasts of USA and United Arab Emirates.   

Manuela and Denisa are building KAN as a fashion brand where passion, art and hard-work are the core of their identity. They value their end customers and go out of their way to assure 100% happiness. All garments are fully approved by them before they leave the workshops to your homes and stores.  

When you wear KAN, know that you are the center of our story and our designs look beautiful because of you.  

We simply exist to enhance you. 


Manuela, Denisa and our KAN team